May 5th, 2019 Free Veteran and Service
Member Horse and Yoga Activity Day!
Spouses and partners welcome!

HorseSensing teaches humans how to interact
intuitively with horses, care for horses
and better care for themselves
and those around them. HorseSensing
teaches professional horse caretaking 
skills in a therapeutic environment, 
provides equine assisted therapy and 
promotes both human and equine well-being.






Horses are intermediary animals.
They aid us in times of transition.

They are a powerful healing animal,
full of vitality and passion.   
Horses are always authentic. 
They don't know how to mask 
their feelings and because of this,
we have to be authentic in their 
presence because when we are not,
they know it. Their ability to enliven
 and connect us to ourselves is well known

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