Would you like to teach a clinic to our students?

Bring your specialty to HorseSensing!

Clinics are 2 to 3 hours.

You create your curriculum to teach our students and local folks inerested in coming.

Any donations go towards supporting HorseSensing programs.

This is a great way to hone a clinic you are working on.

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 Shelbyville, Kentucky 

What is the HS Grooming Education, Certification and Job Placement Program?

This is not a therapy program. This is a job training program.

A program to teach people what they need to know to work as top notch grooms in the horse industry while also providing a therapeutic environment.

3 month instruction and certification program with an internship at local professional horse farm.

HorseSensing is a clean and sober facility. Random drug testing will be required for all participants.

The goal of the program is to ready each participant for employment in the horse industry while promoting mental, emotional and physical health as well as relapse prevention.

Who do we serve?

American Saddlebred/Hackney Pony Show Horse Industry

Thoroughbred Horse Racing Industry

Standardbred Harness Racing Industry

Who do we teach?

Veterans- OEF, OIF, GWOT and other conflicts

People in recovery from addiction

Domestic Violence survivors

At-risk youth 18 and older

Who teaches them?

Phillip Crittendon-Originally with Helen and Charles Crabtree, a premier Kentucky horsecaretaker and horseman. In charge of teaching and guiding folks in ASB Show Horse skills and education.

Bill Field-World Champion Horse Trainer of American Saddlebred Horses. Bill teaches American Saddlebred focused training skills that translate to other breeds (Morgan Horses, Arabians and Fresians.)

Billy Bob Taylor-Lifelong trainer and driver of harness horses, trainer and young horse developer of thoroughbred racehorses. Brother to Joe Taylor, founder of Taylormade Farm, Nicholasville, Ky. In charge of teaching and guiding folks on thoroughbred horse racing and harness racing skills and education.

Rick Cicero Jr.-Hackney Pony trainer and retired Afghanistan Army veteran. Rick teaches students all things Hackney Pony. Rick has a lifetime of knowledge and skill he has learned from the greats in the Hackney Pony show industry.

Dr. C. Reid McLellan and Groom Elite- I invite you to go to http://www.groomelite.com/index.shtml and  look at all the information there including Dr Mac’s background and specifics of Groom Elite certification programs.  HorseSensing is teaming up with Groom Elite to create a comprehensive grooming education program. We are extremely fortunate and excited for this opportunity.

How do we teach them?

In addition to daily training from our education directors, participants learn step by step through utilizing an expanded version of the Groom Elite Certification Program that includes all specifics for the respective horse industries.

The HorseSensing Groom Elite Certification Program (HSGrooming) is customized for our purposes from Basic Grooming 099, Groom Elite 101,Groom Elite 201 and portions of Farm Groom Elite. Participants have opportunity to learn extensive safety and equine therapy skills that go beyond what many professional horse men and women have picked up from their extensive learning experiences. The curriculum is accompanied by a full color textbook. Classroom instruction is complemented by the daily skills taught by our Education Director.

Participants in our program have the advantage of such detailed learning materials as they apply the principles in hands on practice. This curriculum begins with how horses are designed to survive and how to use basic principles of horse behavior in catching, walking, grooming, bandaging, tacking and even riding a horse. Qualified instructors as well as industry professionals provide instruction and guide practice sessions. Participants are evaluated periodically with minimum competencies required before moving to a more advanced lesson. At the conclusion of each phase of HSGrooming each participant is given a “Certification Assessment’ which includes an industry approved written exam and  practical exam stations including Behavior, Feeding, Health, Bandaging and Tacking.

Grooms are certified a five levels from Entry Level to Elite. Those that complete the certification portion with top marks have an option to continue as a “Teaching Assistant” and learn additional skills such as mentoring, team leading and supervision. This may seem like overkill but when you hire one of our graduates at your barn as an intern or employee you will appreciate and your horses will benefit from what our graduates  know and can do.

 Go here to look at the outline for Groom Elite 101 as taught at racetracks and training centers.

Our second text book is Saddle Seat Horsemanship by World Champion horse trainer Smith Lilly. Saddle Seat Horsemanship gives a comprehensive and in-depth approach to describing all aspects of the show horse including riding, training, showing, care, and shoeing.

Participants have access to a variety of horses including those we adopt as retirement horses, young horses donated to our program, rescue horses that are appropriate and our own horses. In addition to daily and weekly learning and practice opportunities at our farm, participants benefit from “training field trips” to local Kentucky shows where those that have demonstrated an appropriate skill level may have an opportunity to  practice putting horses in the ring and other horse show activities.

Clinics are  brought in by local trainers, breeders, farriers and other horse industry professionals wanting to contribute their knowledge. If you would like to contribute your knowledge to our program by giving a 3 hour workshop, call us at 650-776-4313 or email info@horsesensing.com

Why have this program?

Because working with horses and being around horses can give a person purpose, a sense of responsibility and hope.

Because the horse industries have long had a shortage of qualified barn and show help and that situation is getting worse, not better. The HS Grooming program is intended to help fill that gap with good help.

Because there are lots of people who can do these jobs but don’t have exposure to these industries, we have skills to share, and we can do a really good job passing them on in this way.

Soft Skills training

We also teach "soft skills" such as the following:

Being dependable-showing up to work on time or early and work-ready.

Having a good attitude.

Being willing to do whatever is needed.

Dressing appropriately.

Speaking up whenever necessary-anything from seeing mold in the grain to a horse with a slight swell in a pastern to asking for what they need.

Being able to work as a team.

Working through conflict-resolving situations in positive ways.


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