Wish List-Smaller Stuff

Supplies for 10 horses-



halters and leads

wooden groom boxes

grooming supplies-brushes, curry mitts,

curry combs, combs, hoof picks. towels

Hoof conditioner

basic equine medical supplies

vetrolin or tuttles for baths

standing leg wraps


tack cleaning supplies

concentrated fly spray


work jog harness

work bridles

work saddle

long lines/curcingle



Wish List-Big Stuff

Help with paying for building the barn

footing for indoor arena

materials and installation of front paddock

4 wheeler-ATV

small tractor

manure spreader

jog cart


Wish List-Program Expenses

feed for horses



any specialized feed needed

Farrier costs

veterinarian costs


snacks and waters for participants


If you would like to contribute towards anything on our wish lists by providing money, contact Dr. Broder at 650-776-4313 or drsally@horsesensing.com to tell us what you want to contribute to specifically and how.

Physical items for donations can be sent or brought to HorseSensing- 270 Bagdad Road, Shelbyville, Kentucky 40065

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